Defending Corners: The Jürgen Klopp Way (FM20)

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Defending Corners: The Jürgen Klopp Way (FM20)

Порука од Orthodox » 20 Нов 2019, 01:10

Use Jürgen Klopp's Corner-Defending Routine on Football Manager 2020. Defend corners like Liverpool, as interpreted by Justice.

The evolution of football in recent years has been somewhat staggering. Top athletes are no longer exclusive to top clubs, with advancements in sports science and fitness training spreading across the world. Most professional footballers, these days, are fantastic athletes, as demonstrated by this year's FIFA World Cup, where the likes of Japan showed incredible physical tenacity. With Klopp and Guardiola headlining Premier League football, we've seen every English team follow the trend of showing incredible focus on the physical capacity and preparation of players. Every team has top athletes now.

Tactical preparation has changed now too. There are not so many 4+ goal margins anymore, with even the minor teams now able to prepare well tactically to help shut down the bigger sides. It can make for boring viewing at times, with a lack of space in open play.

However, while teams can 'park the bus' in open play, set pieces bring a completely different world of preparation. Once a set-piece has been earned, you cannot prevent it from happening. You cannot physically deny a corner taker from taking a corner, once it has been earned. So, the only thing you can do is react to the situation and deal with the danger. It is a fine art of defending, without a shadow of a doubt.

Many managers have developed different formulae for setting their team in what they consider to be most effective way of dealing with set pieces, none more so (in my opinion) than Jürgen Klopp. People often questioned his contribution to the defensive side of tactics, but it has been side of Liverpool's game which has improved drastically since his appointment. In fact, his Liverpool side has one of the best defensive records since the beginning of 2018, and they now rarely concede from set pieces, particularly corners.

This article will outline what I believe to be how he sets his Liverpool team up to defend corners. It is not necessarily the exact replica, but my interpretation of it, and how I would use it in FM. It does not guarantee results, and if anybody whines about that in the comments, I will refer them to this, and not be so polite about it. My inspiration came from this explanation by Klopp of how he sets his teams up for defending corners (you need a Sky Go account to view it).

As I have stated earlier, this routine does not guarantee results. It is a system that Klopp uses, and I use in FM, which still comes down to the performance of your players. Tactics do not guarantee results, players do. So, if anybody whines about 'conceding 20 goals per game from corners', I will not care. Maybe I sound cold, but I do know that a lot of people who download stuff don't read the attached articles, and just immediately expect results. If you are reading this, fair play to you, and you're not one of those people.

Download Instructions
1. Press the big red Download button at the top of the article.
2. Extract the two files from the .rar file using 7-Zip, or similar, to the following folder location:
Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2020 > Set Pieces
3. Go in to your save game and go to the following locations:
Tactics > Set Pieces > Corners > Defend > Right
Tactics > Set Pieces > Corners > Defend > Left
4. Click the drop down menu for Routine, and 'Load Routine', where you can then load this Routine for either side (L = Left, R = Right).

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