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Adriatic League by SRKI

Послато: 25 Сеп 2019, 15:55
од Rodrigo
Adriatic League by SRKI

Using the structure that uploaded SRKI to the SI Games forum, I edited it so that it can play well without problems.

Topic original in SI Games
https://community.sigames.com/topic/456 ... t=11659065

Edited by me
* Super League Serbia has fewer teams so there wouldn't be so many games in the middle of the season and be more realistic. 16 teams -> 12 teams
* Added period of signings in Serbia
* Fixed youth leagues in North Macedonia and Montenegro
* Fixed economic awards in Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina

Unresolved bug fixes
* They are not relegated in the leagues of Montenegro, North Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina

It simulated 5 seasons without problems


Credits for SRKI for make the structure

https://www.mediafire.com/file/d7uzbckm ... a.fmf/file
PD: They can play with the prO and FMTU transfer update but you don't have to select the file "FM19 Promotions-Relegations (by pr0)"and "FM19 Serbian New Points System 19-20 (by pr0)".